Is it a party or a memorial service? Is it is a lecture or a lab? Is it a place to comfort the afflicted or afflict the comfortable? It is all of these and more. It is the moment when the eternal dips into the normal.

With the Bible as our guide, we express ourselves to God in thanksgiving, celebration and prayer. It's more than just "attending" a church service. These times are personal, interactive and designed to be able to share our lives and grow together.

At the centerpiece of our service is Gods truth found when the Bible is shared with the help of Gods Spirit. We approach the Bible with the expectation that it is true, accurate and absolutely relevant to our lives. Even more than a how to book, it also serves a picture book of the God of the universe and His design for us.

It is our hope each week, that each person in our service will encounter God in very real ways.

When the time comes to conclude the service, we expect that people can leave refreshed, renewed and challenged.


IN-PERSON at 10:30am